Here is a review that was done a few years ago on our Blackjack Industrial clips or “BJIs”. They do a good a job discussing some of the overall problems that are constant any time you are putting a headlamp or other accessories on a hard hat. We designed Blackjack Industrial hard hat clips to address many of these issues.

  • Main issue: Straps slipping off the hard hats
    • To keep a strap tight enough on the hard hat to stay in position usually means the straps are going to start sliding up and off the round shape of the hard hat
  • Imperfect solution: “Creative ways” end users employ to keep the straps on
    • punching holes in the shell to use zip-ties, or screws to keep headlamp in-placeScrew in hard hat
  • The risks, problems associated “creative ways”
    • Damage to the shell, violations of OSHA standards, and warranties from manufacturer
  • Regulatory concerns associated with attaching items to the hard hat
    • Concerns about any adhesive degrading the hard hat

The reviewer does a good job of addressing many of these issues. While no product can anticipate all potential situations, the Blackjack Industrial has you covered in most situations.

For more information check out some of our other videos like this one:

Remember, Overkill is Underrated!


The Blackjack Industrial Team