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Blackjack Industrial Hard Hat Clip

Blackjack Industrial Hard Hat Clips on the Job Last month our customer, @hvac910, posted this video to @blackjackindustrial. He uses the Blackjack Industrial hard hat clips everyday in his work as an HVAC tech on the east coast. He highlights the safe, low profile design that allows easy removal of…

Blackjack Industrial Headlamp Clips Review

Here is a review that was done a few years ago on our Blackjack Industrial clips or “BJIs”. They do a good a job discussing some of the overall problems that are constant any time you are putting a headlamp or other accessories on a hard hat. We designed Blackjack…

Hard Hat Clips Durability without Damage

Many times people need clips to secure their headlamp but want to ensure they aren’t damaging the hard hat in any way. We have your solution! BlackJack Industrial Clips are durable and NOT damaging in any way. If they ever need to be removed, they don’t even leave the hard…

Blackjack Double Down Clips

With several active wildland fires across the U.S. right now, we want to ensure our brothers and sisters working hard to fight these are safe. Get your BlackJack Double Down Helmet Clips today for only $9.95.

National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month! We hope everyone is practicing good safety measures while in and out of the workplace. If you see something unsafe, say something and work together to find a better solution. 

Electricity and Conductivity

Safety is important to us here at BlackJack Industrial. Please make sure when you are trying to adhere a headlamp that you are doing it safely. Creating holes or using bolts or other items can put you at risk for electrical conductivity. Stay safe while working using our BlackJack Industrial…


Keep your gear secure for just 9.95


Keep your gear secure for just 9.95.